This startup service sends someone to fill up your car with gas

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A startup company out of Silicon Valley claims to be saving drivers time and money by bringing the gas pump to its customers!

Yoshi is a membership service currently offered in 17 regions of the country. For $20 per month, subscribers get discounts on gas and a short list of common car services. But the best part? Yoshi technicians fill your car with gas, even if you’re stuck at work or inside the grocery store.

The premise is to order your gas, so you can keep on moving:

Customers tell Yoshi where their car is parked using the Yoshi app. Then, Yoshi employees refuel the car with Synergy fuel from ExxonMobil. Other services are available, including oil changes, wiper blade changes and car washes. 

That means no more getting out of the car in the snow, rain or heat to pump gas!

You can even order new tires:

Yoshi co-founder Bryan Frist and his two partners founded Yoshi in 2015. Frist said the trio was looking at ways to reshape an industry that needed a little updating.

“Gas stations haven’t really changed in the last 100 years,” Frist told The Washington Post. “If you go look at old black-and-white photos, you’re looking at essentially the same concept as today.”

Where Is Yoshi Available?

Yoshi is currently available in the following areas: Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston, the D.C. area, Los Angeles, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Nashville, Raleigh-Durham, San Francisco, Silicon Valley, St. Louis, Tampa/St. Petersburg and Warren.

The company went from three cities to 16 cities in about one year. It most recently arrived in the D.C. area:

Yoshi hopes to expand to at least nine more cities by the end of the year, and asks for anyone who wants Yoshi in their town to email

The company has not released how many members it has right now.

How Do You Save Money?

The obvious question is, how does Yoshi save drivers money? According to the company’s website, Yoshi estimates that drivers can save about $240 every year using its services.

Members pay a $20 monthly membership fee, plus the cost of gas. According to Yoshi, its gas prices are synced with the local AAA average, so customers should always be getting the best deal.

When members opt in for other services, like an oil change, members receive discounts on fuel.

Is Yoshi Safe?

According to Frist, all of the Yoshi technicians undergo background and drug checks. Frist told Houston’s KTRK that enrolling with Yoshi beats pulling into a gas station in a potentially unsafe area.

“Instead of going to a dimly lit gas station, we come right to your place of work or home,” Frist said.

As far as protecting your car, Yoshi technicians are expected to take pictures every time they fill up a vehicle with gas to document dents or scratches on the vehicle. The company told The Washington Post that technicians are also hazmat-certified. Yoshi has not reported any spills in the first three years of operation.

One last thing about Yoshi — the service can be given as a last-minute gift! Everyone loves gas money, right?

Are you ready to trade in gas stations for Yoshi?

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