This strawberry lemonade poke cake is so light and refreshing

Cake flavors such as chocolate or vanilla are delicious, but sometimes their rich sweetness can be too much. If you’re craving something less heavy, we have the perfect cake for you. Enter the Strawberry Lemonade Poke Cake, which brings classic sweet and tart flavors together in a light and flavorful dessert. And there’s still a touch of decadence, thanks to a cream cheese filling that ties the whole wonderful package together!

First, let’s talk about the poke cake. What is it? It’s a simple way to add flavor and moisture to a cake that’s already been baked. The process involves poking holes in the cake and either drizzling or spreading a filling into it. Such a simple technique can add layers of yummy, complex flavors to even a basic cake.

In Great Grub, Delicious Treats’ version of the Strawberry Lemonade Poke Cake, the blogger uses a strawberry cake as the base and incorporates a cream cheese-lemonade filling that makes the final product irresistible! And one of the best parts of this recipe is that it starts with a boxed cake mix. How easy is that?

Great Grub, Delicious Treats

The Lemon Strawbery Poke Cake from Inside Bru Crew Life takes a different twist on the recipe. Instead of using a strawberry cake as the foundation for the recipe, the baker opted for a tangy lemon cake (also from a box mix). The combination of sweetened condensed milk and lemon frosting poured into the poked cake takes this treat to the next level.

Strawberry pie filling gives the cake the extra punch of tartness and sweetness it needs to make it just like sunshine on a plate. The cake’s topping is a strawberry-cream mousse adorned with fresh strawberries. The end result looks absolutely delicious!

Inside Bru Crew Life

The Shaken Together Life recipe for Lemon Strawberry Poke Cake is one many would consider the classic version of a poke cake. It requires pouring liquid strawberry Jell-O into a poked lemon cake and refrigerating the cake.

With those easy steps, you get a delicious dessert with hints of fruity flavor throughout. A simple, homemade lemon frosting topped with fresh strawberries completes this recipe perfectly!

Shaken Together

These recipes are perfect if you’re craving something light and summery — even in the dead of winter.

What do you think? Will you try making one of these poke cake recipes?