This Stuffed Dill Pickle Appetizer Is All You Need At Your Next Party

If you’re looking for the perfect savory appetizer to serve guests at your next party, look no further. Not only is this appetizer option memorable, but it’s sure to be delicious — especially for a pickle-loving crowd.

This recipe for Stuffed Dill Pickles from Mid-Life Croissant takes the average dip situation and raises it a notch. You’re not going to make a dip that goes in a bowl and served with pickles and pretzels. Oh no. Instead, you’re going to put the dip inside of a pickle that’s sliced in half and cored in the middle — an appetizer you’ve likely never seen before.

Perhaps the best part of all? The recipe only calls for four ingredients: pickles, goat cheese, parsley and oregano.

Check out this video from Christine Siracusa’s YouTube channel, the blogger behind Mid-Life Croissant. It breaks down how to take these ingredients and assemble them into one delicious, crowd-pleasing appetizer:

This appetizer is salty, cheesy, has pickles and comes packed with flavor. What more could you ask for?

And lucky for you, this isn’t the only pickle-filled starter dish that exists. If you’d still prefer a classic dip with plenty of bread slices and more for dunking, this recipe for a pickle cheeseball will change how you serve appetizers once and for all. Because seriously, if your appetizer selection doesn’t involve pickles, you’ve been doing it all wrong.

The recipe comes from Little Dairy On The Prairie and combines cream cheese, dill spice and dill pickles to create the ultimate topping for crackers and more:

Little Dairy On The Prairie

And for yet another cheese and pickle appetizer combination your guests are sure to love, you can also easily make non-traditional cheese sticks by adding a dill pickle to the mix.

The recipe from Delish shows how you can transform pickles by stuffing them with mozzarella cheese, rolling them in an egg wash and bread crumbs and baking them right up. Their video will blow your mind:

Be sure to follow any of these recipes and serve up pickles at your next party!