This tempura shrimp sleeping bag is the lounge item you never knew you needed


There are few things better than eating takeout on the couch while binge-watching your favorite show. But if you thought your pajamas were the perfect attire for this kind of activity—you’ve been doing things all wrong. You can now buy a tempura shrimp sleeping bag, so yeah.

Your “Netflix and chill” game just got stronger.

Think of this as a foodie’s version of a Snuggie. You still have the ability to move your arms but, at the same time, you’re as cozy as a shrimp wrapped in fried batter. Seems like a “winning at life” kind of situation, honestly.

Shrimp Tempura? I assume…… lol

This product first retailed at a Japanese store called Felissimo, but it doesn’t seem to be available via the online merchant anymore.

Before you get too discouraged, however, there’s some good news. You can find the costume—uhh, we mean sleeping bag—online through retailers such as eBay.

Ask and the internet will provide.

It will cost you anywhere from $54.04 to own one of these food/lounge creations. But hey, it could be worth the price, depending upon how seriously you take your food-like wardrobe options.

The ensemble consists of three separate pieces: one large piece for the body, and two separate socks for the feet. The socks, of course, are shaped like a shrimp’s tail and really tie the entire look together.

While the tempura shrimp option definitely seems to be one of the most unique food and clothing combos, the food lounging product options go on and on. Pizza sleeping bags exist, and you can even buy sheets to have your bed looking like a waffle. Complete with a layer of syrup and fruit-shaped pillows for garnish.


Exactly how far does your love for food go? I think it kind of depends on whether or not you’re willing to make a purchase like this.

Just imagine yourself: eating tempura shrimp while dressed as a tempura shrimp. That’s some major shrimp-ception right there.

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