This Travel Blogger Proposed To His Girlfriend On Top Of An Active Volcano And The Video Is Epic

Executing the perfect marriage proposal comes with a lot of pressure. When travel blogger Jarod popped the question to his girlfriend, Alison, he decided to up the ante even further by doing it somewhere completely out of the ordinary — while the couple was perched at the top of a 7,000-foot active volcano in Indonesia.

Together, the now-engaged Canadian couple documents their adventures around the world on Our Moving Roots. Since they love globetrotting, it’s only natural they would get engaged somewhere spectacular.

Luckily, the amazing moment was captured on video. Check it out in this video from their YouTube page:

Wow! Those views are truly breathtaking.

“While walking atop the crater rim, hearing the deep rumble down below and stunning 360 landscape views, I got down on one knee and asked the love of my life to marry me,” Jarod wrote in the caption. “She was so shocked and couldn’t believe it was really happening. After some tears of joy, a big ‘YES’, and some kisses, Alison quickly said she needed to get off the volcano as she couldn’t process both of these things happening at the same time.”

According to their website, Jarod and Alison met at the Teacher Education Program in Ottawa, Ontario. “We have a passion for travel, fitness, adventuring, saying yes to every activity and growing together as kind humans,” reads the “About” section.

On their Instagram, you can get a peek at some of the other incredible places they’ve been throughout the world. Here they are taking in a gorgeous view from a pool in Phuket, Thailand:

They look super-happy posing in front of the mountains at Waterton Lakes National Park in Alberta, Canada:

They hit up urban destinations too, as evidenced by this shot of Shanghai, China:

We can’t wait to see where they decide to tie the knot!