This Updated Version Of The Game Of Life Includes Pets

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Remember the Game of Life? The classic board game allows kids to play at adulthood, experiencing the myriad of choices and life events that are yet to come, including college, career, marriage and children. And now the game is getting a long-needed update. Among the many choices players are already given throughout the game, they’ll also now have the opportunity to adopt a dog or cat along the way.

Pets are a major part of many people’s lives, so it makes total sense that the game would include this happy milestone. Interested in the update? The latest edition by Hasbro is available on Amazon for $19.99.



Your pet in the game will be represented by a green cat- or dog-shaped peg. In addition to House, Action, College and Career Cards, players will also now be able to draw from Pet cards. As with the other cards, the Pet cards can mean something positive — like your cat giving birth to kittens, which would earn you $20,000 — or something negative, like your dog eating your homework.


Once you reach the end of the game (retirement), whoever has the most money wins. While the argument could definitely be made that evaluating one’s success in life solely on the basis of money is misguided, if you don’t take it too seriously, the game can be super-fun. The addition of pets just makes it that much more enjoyable, just like in real life!

Will you give the new Game of Life a try?

[h/t: Bustle]