This Video Of A 2,000-Pound Bath Bomb Being Dropped Into A Pool Is So Satisfying

Whoa — this is cool.

If you’ve ever submerged a bath bomb before settling into a tub for some well-deserved relaxation time, then you know just how satisfying it can be to watch the bath bomb disappear, fizzing as it fades into the water.

Heck, sometimes just watching videos of other people doing this on Instagram can provide some stress relief.

So imagine what happens when a giant bath bomb gets dropped into a pool.

Well, the folks at Vat19 imagined it, too, and then actually made it happen. And the results are amazing!


Take a seat, take a deep breath and get ready to play the video below, because seeing how they created a giant bath bomb — 2,000 pounds to be exact — and dropped it into a pool is just awesome.

Are you ready for this?

They created this monster bath bomb using huge, industrial-sized sacks of corn starch, citric acid and baking soda, which can be used in smaller quantities for your own at-home recipe.


Although we don’t advise creating a bath bomb quite this big for personal use — unless of course, you’ve got a pool, and we’re invited for the moment you drop the bath bomb in. In that case, the bigger, the better.

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This isn’t the first time someone’s pushed the boundaries of just how entertaining bath bombs can be.

First, let’s not forget these creepy, horror move bath bombs by beauty brand Loquita Bath and Body. The company creates small-batch handmade soaps, scrubs, lotions and bath bombs which are unique, luxurious and cruelty-free.

For example, there’s this creepy crow bomb that smells like vervetier, musk and cedar.

Loquita Bath

There’s also this green alien bath bomb:


This clown-themed one apparently smells like chocolate and marshmallow:

Loquita Bath


And there’s also this Aztec calendar bath bomb that promises to make you “feel like a goddess.”

Loquita Bath


What will bath bomb lovers come up with next? We can only imagine. But whatever it is, we’re more than ready for it.

Finally, check out the world’s largest bath bomb here:

While this bath bomb is by far the biggest one we’ve ever seen, it’s not the only undeniably huge one we’ve seen/  There are plenty of videos of people preparing baths online, but this video of YouTuber Karina Garcia dropping 1,000 bath bombs into a jacuzzi is right up there with the 2,000-pound bath bomb in terms of greatness.

So, who else is ready to watch that giant ball of fizz evaporate into a pool again? Or better yet, buy some of your bath bombs and take a long, luxurious bath?