This video shows how Dippin’ Dots are made

Dippin’ Dots are one unique frozen treat: part ice cream, part science experiment.

Have you ever wondered how exactly they turn regular old ice cream into those perfect tiny beads? While the company chooses to keep parts of its super-secret technique under wraps, you can get a glimpse into the process thanks to this video posted to Facebook by the Food Network.

As the video explains, the dots are made by freezing liquid nitrogen to -320 degrees. Now that’s pretty, pretty cool! (See what we did there?)

According to the company’s website, the innovative snack was created by microbiologist Curt Jones back in 1988. In the nearly three decades since, the company has expanded far and wide, going international with a location in Japan in 1995.

Today, you can find Dippin’ Dots in more than¬†100 shopping centers and retail locations and in more than a thousand theme parks, stadiums, arenas, movie theaters and other entertainment venues throughout the United States.

These tiny beads of ice cream have made it big.

Back in January, Dippin’ Dots made headlines when a series of tweets about the company by now-former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer were unearthed.

“If Dippin’ Dots was really the ice cream of the future, they would not have run out of vanilla,” read one of the tweets from 2015.

For their part, Dippin’ Dots had fun with the whole thing, going so far as to post an open letter to Spicer, offering to treat the White House press corps to an ice cream social with their product.

The company says the letter was really more of a way to reach out to their customer base at large.

“Dippin’ Dots tries to stay very out of the political scene, because the consumers are across the board,” Shama Hyder, who handles marketing for the company, told NPR. “Ice cream is probably the least political of things you can find. It’s about making friends and not foes. The open letter isn’t just to Sean Spicer; it’s really to the customers as well. This is what Dippin’ Dots stands for. We’re really about building a brand that’s inviting, that’s encompassing. And when the customers say, ‘Hey, we want to hear from you,’ they want to hear from us.”

Anyone else craving a big bowl of Dippin’ Dots right about now?


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