Waffle maker creates edible cars and trucks


For some parents, nearly every meal is a food fight. When you have a picky eater or a kiddo who struggles to gain weight, watching your child enjoy a meal can be a momentous occasion. Any chef will tell you that presentation is an essential part of a successful dish, so serving your children plates of food that capture their attention might entice them enough to dig in.

A company called CucinaPro, which has an extensive line of fun breakfast gadgets, has created an appliance that could let you whip up an engaging and delicious breakfast that might even pique the interest of your finickiest eater.


The Cars & Trucks Waffle Maker looks much like standard countertop waffle makers —at least on the outside. But when you open the appliance, you’ll see that rather than the traditional grid pattern, this waffle iron has vehicle-shaped molds.

The molds on the plates of this waffle iron create seven different three-dimensional vehicle shapes. Every batch produces one of each of the following 3D designs:

  • Ambulance
  • Garbage truck
  • Monster truck
  • Pickup truck
  • Police car
  • Racecar
  • School bus

Of course, once you’ve made these fun shapes, you can offer vehicle-shaped waffles featuring your family’s favorite toppings. Your kids can speed to an emergency syrup spill or dunk a bus into strawberry “traffic” jam.

And since you are preparing the waffles yourself, you can use any batter mix or recipe you choose. Toss in berries or chocolate chips for a tasty upgrade. Whip up a nut flour-based batter to sneak in some protein or cater to food sensitivities.


The molds are inverted in the bottom plate of the waffle maker, so pouring in the right amount of batter and removing the finished waffles might take some practice. It’s also important to note that these waffle makers are not expected to be back in stock until October. Once they return, you’ll be able to buy it on Amazon for $42.95 and have an enjoyable breakfast surprise on your doorstep this autumn.


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