This White Christmas Mimosa is the perfect holiday cocktail

There are tons of things to love about the holidays — presents, decorations, snow. But at the top of my list (no offense, dearest Christmas tree) is the endless amount of new and delightful cocktails that seem to pop up every year. With boozy drinks featuring flavors like apples, cranberries and even hot chocolate, you can pretty much guarantee the holidays will be merry and bright — even if you have to make them that way yourself.

The ultimate holiday flavor, however? Peppermint. Just like pumpkin spice the season before it, nothing beats peppermint once the calendar says it’s officially Christmas season. And now, just in time for candy canes to start dancing in your head, I would like to introduce you to yet another new drink — this one with a name just as perfect as its ingredients.

This White Christmas mimosa from Freutcake not only looks and sounds incredible but is insanely easy to make, as it contains just three ingredients. All you need is some champagne, white Creme de Cocoa and, of course, candy canes!

While some crushing of candy canes to adorn the rim is required, the rest of the drink should come together in just a few minutes. When you’re finished, you can even add an entire candy cane to the glass to make it extra merry!

There are similar versions of this holiday cocktail out there, like this Candy Cane Martini that uses white crème de cacao and candy canes but, instead of champagne, includes vanilla vodka and peppermint schnapps. Yum!

If you’re somehow not a fan of peppermint, that certainly does not mean you don’t deserve a holiday cocktail. Back to that whole apple, cranberry, hot chocolate vibe I mentioned earlier. Check out these other holiday cocktails that may be more to your liking.

Spiced Apple Moscow Mule

This Spiced Apple Moscow Mule from Instagram account tidalboargingerbeer is just as easy to make as the Peppermint White Christmas cocktail, as it also has just three ingredients. Just combine apple cider, rum and spiced apple ginger beer and you’ll be feeling festive — no peppermint required.

Kahlua Hot Chocolate

Coffee-flavored liqueur mixed with hot cocoa? Umm, yes, please! This recipe from Damn Delicious is a bit complicated with nine ingredients, but it looks totally worth it.

Damn Delicious

Of course, you can’t forget about eggnog, so make sure to add that to your Christmas drink list this year. Try this one from Gluten Free On A Shoestring, which you can make in your crockpot to save time during what is sure to be a busy holiday season.

What’s your favorite holiday cocktail?