This Woman Documented Two Strangers Falling In Love On An Airplane After Swapping Seats

For some, the best thing to come out of a flight are those free peanuts they pass out. But this couple got so much more than free snacks on their way from New York to Dallas.

It all started when Rosey Blair asked a woman to switch seats with her so that she could sit next to her boyfriend. The woman kindly obliged and wound up really liking her new seat mate. Blair noticed that the two seemed to be enjoying each other’s company and even flirting β€” so she began documenting the entire thing on social media.

She seems to have been pleased to be able to play matchmaker. The initial tweet explained the situation:

“We weren’t sitting next to each other, so we asked our seat mates if we could switch and now they are flirting,” Blair wrote on Twitter. “I hope they get to fall in love!”

And the updates kept coming from there. The two were able to make great conversation together, considering they had a lot in common:

Elbows were touched:

Cheese was shared:

Blair and her boyfriend were enjoying the results of their matchmaking:

And many others were too. In fact, these tweets gained quite a following, garnering hundreds of thousands of likes and thousands of retweets.

When Blair’s free hour of Wi-fi ended, she paid to have more time to broadcast the unfolding in-flight entertainment:

Now, that’s dedication.

OK, OK β€” so the couple had a great time while they were sort of forced to sit next to each other, but the question we’re all wondering is, did they keep the love connection going after the flight?

By the looks of it, yes, yes they did!

Blair tweeted a photo of the pair once the flight ended:

They hardly look like strangers to us!

It wasn’t until after the flight that Euan Holden, the man Blair accidentally set up, noticed that Blair had been posting about him and his new love interest online.

He tweeted to her, writing, “Hilarious … Knew you were taking pictures.”

He seemed to have a great response to the news that his budding relationship was now an Internet sensation. And he was even interviewed by NBC’s “Today” about his relationship with his seat mate.

Here’s what he had to say about Helen, who asked that her last name not be shared:

“She’s a very, very lovely girl,” he said. “Very attractive, beautiful and has a lot to say for herself, very intelligent.”

As far as how their potential relationship will be progressing, he told “Today” that they’ve been in touch and are planning to meet again for a post-flight rendezvous.

Could love be in the air, so to speak, for these two? We sure hope so!