This woman filmed her grandfather’s adorable reactions to seeing her and he’s melting hearts everywhere

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Do you want your day to become infinitely better? Look no further than this absolutely heartwarming viral video of a Scottish grandpa.

Twenty-four-year-old Jennifer Barclay adores her grandfather, and she makes sure to visit him at least once a week. Whenever he opens the door and sees her standing there, his heart visibly bursts with a joy so vivid and contagious she began to suspect it was her duty to share it with the world.

So Barclay (who hails from Scotland) began to take short “reaction” videos of her grandpa opening his front door to her smiling face. After editing the footage together, she knew she had to share the touching video with the world. It wasn’t long before the video went viral.

Barclay posted the video to her Twitter page, where it has been viewed over 8.9 million times. Watch it here:

The video has sparked a huge response. Many, like Twitter user @PuddockII, have said that Barclay’s granddad reminds them of their own dear grandfathers:

Others, like Twitter user @InettaFrances, admit they can’t help but tear up at his sweet endearments:

Countless others have commented upon her grandpa’s impressive wardrobe.

But what really stuck out for everyone was the pure joy and unconditional love pouring from the senior whenever he opened the door and saw his granddaughter.

Sadly, this tender-hearted soul passed away in August, leaving his family bereft. But his legacy lives on, both in his family’s memory and on his granddaughter’s Instagram page, The Grandad Diaries, where she had been celebrating his life. Here’s an earlier pic of her and her grandfather out for a bite to eat:

And here’s a collage she posted after his passing:

“‘Hiya toots’ until we meet again,” she writes.

As sorrowful as his passing is, the silver lining is that he touched so many lives and hearts before he died, and thanks to his granddaughter’s viral video, his soulful and sweet spirit will be remembered by millions.

Even more importantly, perhaps it will remind us to visit our own elderly relatives and foster those relationships while we still can.

If you don’t have aging loved ones near you to visit, you can turn to an organization like Volunteers of America to offer your time and love to seniors in need near you.

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