This Woman Recreated The Opening Sequence Of ‘The Office’ Using Her Dog

Every dog lover who is also a fan of the TV series “The Office” needs to see the video 25-year-old Paulina Lang created as soon as possible. Never was there a more appropriate piece of content online for an animal / Michael Scott fanatic.

Skeptical? Don’t be. Because Lang — with some assistance from her adorable pooch, Enzo — recreated the opening sequence of “The Office,” and the end result is priceless.

Get ready to see Enzo dressed up as Dwight, Michael Scott and more in this hilarious video that was posted to Twitter:

Just when we thought we couldn’t love “The Office” any more than we already did — a dog was added and we fell in love all over again!

We certainly weren’t alone, either. The internet was absolutely obsessed with Enzo’s appearance in this video. “I would legit watch this,” wrote Twitter user @erin_till:

Twitter user @Kcheck22 said, “this might be one of the only acceptable remakes of The Office,” because you can’t remake a classic — unless there’s a dog involved:

Some even had suggestions of how to remake the show — with the entire cast as dogs:

We’d definitely tune in for that!

Lang explained to BuzzFeed why she decided to create this video in the first place:

I thought it would be funny to get him into costume as a few of the characters and make a couple references that ‘The Office’ fans would enjoy,” she said. 

And she was absolutely right. It’s hard not to love Enzo, especially when cast as Dwight.

In case you want more of this good boy on the Internet, you can follow him on social media. He’s appropriately named @fluffyface_enzo on Instagram and Twitter.

And just in case you were wondering — yes, he does like to play dress-up, even when he’s not filming a hit TV show. See him here casually lounging in his pajamas on Christmas Day:

And posing as a panda:

It just doesn’t get cuter than that!

Thank goodness Enzo is here to brighten our days with each and every post.