This woman tried to name all of the Avengers and failed hilariously

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The new “Avengers: Infinity War” movie has taken the world by storm. But not everybody is a fan. Take Twitter user Gabrielle Regan-Waters’ wife Brenda, for instance. Despite the fact that there have been so many of these films we can’t even keep count, Brenda has only seen two Marvel Cinematic Universe movies. So when she tried to name Earth’s Greatest Heroes, the results were not good. And thank goodness Regan-Waters tweeted them out, because it was hilarious:

Brenda was able to get some of the big ones, like Iron Man, Captain America, the Hulk and Spiderman. She also came close on Groot with “Troot.” But from there, things went downhill very quickly.

There were a few where she could only name the actors and not their characters, like Paul Rudd and Samuel L. Jackson (who play Ant-Man and Nick Fury). There were also a few she could only describe using their physical characteristics. For example, she called Mantis “Snail Girl,” and Vision became “Purple Alien.”

Then things got really weird. She described the entire cast of “Black Panther” as various family members of “War Maiden.” She inserted Willy Wonka and Dr. Watson into the Avengers. She didn’t even try with Drax. And she is still not convinced Rocket isn’t just a raccoon.

But as wrong as her guesses were, the internet thought they were awesome, as the tweet has been shared 64,000 times. Because not all heroes wear capes.

Can you name all of the Avengers?

[h/t: HelloGiggles]

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