This Woman Wrote A Song Instead Of Sending A Cover Letter

A good cover letter can really help you stand out from the pack when applying for a job. It’s a chance to show a little bit of your personality and sell yourself to your potential employer, letting them know exactly what makes you perfect for the role beyond just what they can glean from your resume. But one Denver woman with a great voice decided to sing her cover letter instead of writing it, and the results are pretty amazing.

Page Kemna posted her song to LinkedIn, where it has been viewed over 900,000 times. Check out her cheeky performance below:

In addition to showing off her pipes and keyboard skills, the video shows that Kemna is really willing to go the extra mile. The comments section of her post is full of encouragement and praise for her bold and unique move. And while she hasn’t landed her dream gig just yet, she says she now has a lot of prospects that she’s considering.

Her LinkedIn profile indicates that she’s currently a design associate at West Elm. While it’s unclear where the future may take her, her unconventional style may make her perfect for the entertainment industry or another creative field.

Indeed, Kemna is not the only job candidate out there to recently make a splash with a performative cover letter. Chase Zreet wanted a job as an advertising copywriter for Sprite at New York advertising agency Widen + Kennedy, so he sent along a three-minute video of himself rapping about the beverage, in place of a traditional cover letter. Zreet’s ingenuity did not go unnoticed, and he got the job!

It just goes to show—a little creativity can really pay off. Here’s hoping Kemna gets a job where her talents and dedication are appreciated!

Have these creative job seekers inspired you to do something similar?

[h/t: Daily Mail]