Out With The Thong And In With The Granny Panty?


Remember the good old full coverage days of middle school? Yes, I’m talking about underwear, and yes, comfort may once again be an option for all of the women out there because granny panties are making a huge comeback. So, by the looks of it comfort is the name of the game when it comes to underwear once again, ladies. I don’t know about you, but I’m loving this shift because who says comfortable can’t be sexy? And isn’t that why we all thought wearing thongs was cool anyways—the sexy factor? Well, that’s not a concern anymore!

Come to find out it’s your attitude that affects how you feel in your underwear. Being confident in a pair of granny panties is better than being uncomfortable in thongs any day of the week. So wear those all-covered-up styles with pride, gals! Hearing that these full-backed panties are in I’m wondering: what have I been missing out on all of my life? I’ve definitely got some granny panty wearing to catch up on, now!

So why the sudden resurgence of what we once thought of as lost? According to the New York Times, thong purchases this year are down 7%, while fuller coverage undie options are up 17%. There are a few reasons I can think of as to why this is the case: comfort is in with baggier styles becoming ever popular, body positivity and loving the way that you are is trending and celebs have taken to posting pictures in and wearing full-coverage undies themselves. I mean, what goes under a “naked dress” better than a pair of granny panties, you know? Oh yeah, remember all of those #MyCalvins ads? Those things all have something to do with this underwear phase we’ve entered into.

Full coverage may not always be in, but let’s all rejoice while it is! Definitions of sexy change with time—I mean, showing your thong above your pants was once popular and deemed attractive. But now, it’s granny panties’ turn in the spotlight. That’s definitely ok in my book, but honestly, if you feel better in undergarments that provide less coverage, that’s all right, too. It’s all about personal preference and feeling good about yourself. If you feel at your best in a pair of underwear that isn’t resting in between your cheeks, I don’t blame you. And neither does anyone else, anymore!

Get ready for the granny panty takeover!

Image credit: eriwst/flickr