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Thousands Of Toys Washed Up On A Beach—To The Delight Of Children Everywhere

This is what every small child's dreams are made of!

If this isn’t just what dreams are made of for small children, then we don’t know what is.

On the afternoon of Wednesday, January 4, the official police account for Germany’s Lower Saxony region tweeted about a strange occurrence that had taken place on the island of Langeoog, which lies off the country’s northern coast.

The otherwise gray and chilly-looking beach had been covered in brightly colored plastic containers—looking as if an Easter egg hunt had come several months early.

While the bright multi-colored plastic balls added a colorful pop to the beach, making for great photo fodder, the story gets even cooler from there.

The balls are actually the toy containers found inside Kinder Eggs, thousands of which apparently washed up on the beach of Langeoog in the aftermath of a storm.