ThredUp Now Has A Subscription Box — Like StitchFix For Gently Used Clothes

If you love scoring a deal on gently used items, you may be familiar with ThredUp, an online secondhand store. The site offers the convenience of online shopping paired with the savings of a thrift store.

Now, ThredUp is getting in on another major trend in retail, the subscription box. For a monthly fee, you can be sent a box per month filled with anything from camping supplies to cosmetics. Two popular such options for clothing are DailyLook and Stitch Fix, which provide outfits picked by a stylist.

Late last year, ThredUp introduced its own take on the subscription box, the Goody Box, and it’s starting to gain some traction (read a super useful review from Hip2Save).

Here’s how it works. First, you answer a few questions to get a sense of your personal style and preferences. You also input your size and choose a price range per piece ($10-25, $15-50, $20-75 or $25-100). You will then get a box of 15 unique apparel items picked especially for you based on your choices. You can get started with a Goody Box for a $10 deposit, which is non-refundable but will apply to any items you decide to keep.

The Goody Box does not function as a monthly subscription, meaning you can order a box as often or as infrequently as you’d like. You have seven days to decide which items you’d like to keep. Simply return the items you don’t want with the pre-paid label included with your box.

When ThredUp launched their Goody Boxes, they hoped to differentiate themselves from competitors in the bargain shopping sphere such as T.J. Maxx or Ross. They also hoped to sway customers from other box services with a higher price point. The average price point of an item from Stitch Fix, for example, is $55.

“A lot of these other services, you might pay $20 but then the cheapest thing in the box is $75,” ThredUp CEO James Reinhart told AdWeek. “You end up having to spend so much more. Unlike some other services where it is three, four or five items, we swing the pendulum the other way. We send you a whole bunch of stuff because we know that if we send you a lot of things at great prices, that you will keep a lot of stuff.”

Would you give the Goody Box a try?