This Is The Funny Backstory Behind The White Dress Comedian Tiffany Haddish Keeps Wearing Everywhere

The only thing more interesting on Oscars night than who won is what people were wearing. The who’s who of Hollywood are dressed to impress, and that usually entails a gorgeous never-before-seen gown for the women.

However, “Girls Trip” star and award presenter Tiffany Haddish decided to wear a dress she had previously worn at a big event. Back in November 2017, the actress wore a beautiful white Alexander McQueen frock to host “Saturday Night Live.” At the time, Haddish said that she planned to wear the dress again, as it cost “more than her mortgage,” and she was determined to get her money’s worth. Here’s the funny monologue where she explains her reasoning:

“It’s a $4,000 dress. I’m going to wear this dress multiple times,” Haddish declared.

True to her word, she once again donned the dress at the Oscars.  Here she is alongside Maya Rudolph, presenting the Oscar for Best Live-Action Short:

tiffany haddish oscars photo
Getty Images | Kevin Winter

Haddish also wore the dress during the red carpet premiere of “Girls Trip.” It’s a great look for her, and wearing the dress multiple times makes her totally relatable. After all, most of us can’t afford to buy a new dress every time we have a big event.

Still, Haddish is a Hollywood actress, so she actually did mix it up by wearing a different dress earlier in the evening. On the red carpet, Haddish wore a stunning floor-length cream gown with a fitted bodice and full skirt. The traditional Eritrean dress was worn in tribute to her late father, who was from the northeast African country, Eritrea.

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She explained to Ryan Seacrest that her father asked her to honor her heritage when her career eventually brought her to the Oscars.

“‘One day you’re going to end up at the Oscars and when you go, you have to honor your people,'” Haddish said of a conversation with her father. “So I’m wearing an Eritrean, authentic princess dress. And I’m proud of it.”

She looks absolutely beautiful in both dresses!