The All Time Best Mac And Cheese Recipe

For me there are several things a recipe needs in order for it to be considered “All Time Best.” The first one is obvious, it has to taste great. Although I may not be considered a mac and cheese connoisseur, I have had my fair share and there is no doubt that this rich and creamy macaroni gets a big check in that box.

Second, the recipe has to be simple. If the list of ingredients is on two pages, it is rarely going to be used in my house. Or at least we save these recipes for special occasions. With only five ingredients, this mac and cheese recipe receives another check for simplicity.

And finally it must be budget friendly. If a recipe is going to make the weekly rotation it’s got to be something that won’t consume the week’s grocery money. Again with only five ingredients, most of which are staples, this recipe receives its final check mark.

macaroni and cheese photo
Photo by Vancouver Bites!

Not only does this recipe meet my first three criteria, it also has some bonus features. It can be prepared ahead and stored in the freezer until you are ready to use it. This makes it an easy last-minute week night meal or a prepared side dish for company.

Another bonus feature is that there are a lot of different ways you can change it to suit your family. If you are trying to increase the veggie intake for your household, just add some broccoli or tomatoes. If they need some extra protein toss in chicken or ham. One thing is sure: No matter if you adapt it to your families needs or if you keep it as is, this recipe is guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser.

Get the “All Time Best” Mac & Cheese recipe here.