Tiny crochet jellyfish will swim into your heart and make you smile

Crochet isn’t just grandma’s pastime anymore. People of all ages have picked up the hook and yarn to make some magnificent projects beyond the traditional afghans and hats. We’ve seen everything from an illuminated rug made from rope lighting to this adorable Baby Yoda!

In fact, animals have become a popular crochet project. This sweet sloth planter crochet pattern is selling like crazy over on Etsy. But, we’ve found another collection of critters who have swum into our hearts and made us smile. This family of tiny jellyfish packs a big punch on the cuteness scale!

These colorful jellyfish are stitched by Vivian who owns the ObscurelySmall shop on Etsy. Her entire collection focuses on the art of Amigurumi. This art form is a combination of two Japanese words: ami (knit or crochet) and nuigurumi (stuffed doll.)

Etsy | ObscurelySmall

Amigurumi requires intricate work with needles which are often extremely thin to keep the stitches small and delicate for the stuffed animals. These jellyfish are so small, they aren’t even made with yarn! Vivian uses embroidery thread to create them.

In the listing for the crochet jellyfish, Vivian shared that each jellyfish measures approximately 2 inches long. However, each one is custom-made, so the size can vary. What we adore about these little guys are their tiny smiles, which are hand-sewn.

Etsy | ObscurelySmall

The ObscurelySmall Etsy shop sells these crochet jellyfish for $22 apiece. You can choose from a rainbow of colors including red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, white, and pink and white. However, Vivian’s listing also said colors can be customized on an order, as well.

In case jellyfish aren’t your thing, you can also get other animals, from tiny lions and red pandas to tiny platypuses.

And if you crochet yourself and would like to try your hand at your own wee beastie, you can purchase a pattern from the Etsy store for much less and do it yourself. However, it doesn’t appear that the jellyfish pattern is available, so you’ll have to pick another animal.

How can something so small make us smile so big, anyway?