This Tiny House On Wheels Is No Ordinary Mobile Home

Calling all fans of HGTV’s” Tiny House Hunters,” and anyone else longing to downsize and hit the open road (like this couple did).

Homes from the Rustic River Park company are honestly the cutest little abodes you ever did see. But these tiny structures are also deceiving. They’re technically RVs, but you’d never know by looking at them.

These houses on wheels don’t resemble RVs at all. Instead, they’re fashioned to look like little log cabins. They’d be a great fit on whatever plot of open land you decided to park them on, yet they’d also be easy to take on the road for that cross-country trip you’ve always dreamed of.

Traveling in one of these is much, much better than taking a car (or a regular old RV). In a Rustic River Park design, you’ll have all of the comforts of home.

They come fully furnished, and there are a variety of floor plans to chose from. You can have multiple bedrooms and even have the option of adding a screened porch (I repeat: these are not your average homes on wheels!).

According to Tip Hero, prices for these range from $32,265 to $42,940. When you consider that you’re basically getting a furnished home for that price, it really doesn’t seem so bad.

There’s room for you and your whole family, so family vacations could start to look a lot different. You may have just found your new home away from home.

Just imagine taking this tiny treasure out on the open road. Oh, the places you’ll go!

[h/t: Tip Hero]