This Man Made Tiny Hats For A Toad Who Kept Coming To His Porch

This is a story about a toad and his hats. Because who doesn’t like hats?

It all started in the summer of 2016, when Chris Newsome noticed a toad repeatedly coming up to his door in Alabama.

“The same toad would come to my porch every night,” Newsome told The Dodo.

Upon seeing that he had made a warty new friend, Newsome had a thought that I’m sure everyone has had at some point: Wouldn’t it be funny if I put a tiny hat on a toad?

Spoiler alert: It is very funny.

“I decided to enter the world of toad millinery and help the little guy out,” Newsome wrote in a post on Imgur that documented his process. “Foam paper seemed like a toad-friendly material.”

The friendly amphibian kept coming back, so Newsome kept making new hats for him. There were construction helmets, cowboy hats and even a sideways cap preferred by today’s YOUTHS!

As you would expect when dealing with a story about a guy putting tiny hats on a toad, Newsome’s post went viral. He now has an Instagram page and a Twitter page, and he has even inspired fan art.

The stylish toad seemed to take his newfound fame in stride. As you can see from a video Newsome posted on his Instagram page, the toad remains surprisingly still when donning the hats, as if it were a trained pet.

Well, at least, most of the time:

Judging by his social media posts, the toad is not as frequent a visitor to Newsome’s porch. Maybe he got a more lucrative fashion gig in France. But the toad still apparently drops by every once in a while.

In between the toad’s visits, it appears that Newsome’s other pets have had to fill the gap. It does not appear that they are terribly excited about that.