This tiny hedgehog took a camping trip and it’s the most adorable thing you’ll ever see

Everyone deserves a vacation from time to time—even Instagram stars. Azuki the hedgehog has nearly 200,000 followers on Instagram, and it’s all because he’s the cutest little pet you ever did see. He’s constantly posing for pictures or getting massages, and people love to keep up with his adventures. But his most recent trip to the great outdoors is his best series of posts yet. Seriously. Send us a postcard because we wish we were there!

This little guy had everything you’d need to be prepped for fun in the great outdoors. He had a tent, a grill, a kayak, and a nice area set up for sitting by the fire and stargazing. Like we said—what more could a hedgehog ask for?

The photos of this camping trip have garnered thousands of likes on Instagram, and for good reason. These snaps couldn’t be more “aww”-worthy if they tried.

Just look at him in his home away from home.

He’s got the perfect setup, sun hat and all.

Azuki has made time for cooking and other activities.

When he’s feeling adventurous, he can take the kayak out on the water.

And if he’s looking to relax, there’s plenty of time for enjoying the night sky.

And for all of the hard work he’ll be doing—stoking the fire, pitching the tent—he’s got the perfect Coleman accessories.

He’s thought of everything! We humans could learn a thing or two from Azuki. Because if your camping trips don’t look like this, you’re doing it all wrong.

As you might expect, these photos are making the rounds online, and people on Twitter can’t stop gushing over these images. Some have even gone so far as to say that now that these photos exist, nothing else matters in life.

Others are wishing they could have been invited on this trip.

Some folks believe that having a hedgehog to camp with may be “all [you] need,” pretty much ever.

No arguments here.

If you’d like to follow along with Azuki’s other adventures, make sure you keep up with his Instagram account. And if you’d like to continue looking at adorable animals online, well, there’s plenty where that came from!