This tiny houseboat is one of the coolest homes we’ve ever seen

No. 1 Houseboat

As the trend of living in tiny houses continues, we found something that is sure to deliver not just fun but functionality. It’s a 40-foot houseboat that boasts everything you’d ever need to live comfortably.

The company behind the boat, No1 Living, aims to bring new style and functionality to the traditional way of living. And yes, it’s in the form of a houseboat. Both well-designed and spacious, No1 Living 40′ features a lower deck, an upper deck, a front living area, a covered terrace that is separate from the two decks, a kitchen, a full bathroom and a cozy bedroom equipped with plenty of storage space.

No1 Living Houseboat
No1 Living Houseboat

That sounds like a lot of living space to cram into 322 square feet, doesn’t it? But the Czech Republic-based company behind the design did an incredible job maximizing the livable place aboard the multi-use floating home.

No1 Living is marketed as a houseboat, but the company says it also can be used as a base for water sports and fishing or to merely enjoy the company of friends while taking a cruise along the water.

So if you’re thinking what I’m thinking, your next question is probably: How much does this impeccably state-of-the-art floating beauty cost? It’s listed at an estimated cost of 139,000 €, which currently equates to around $166,000 in U.S. dollars. It’s worth gazing at photos of it, though, even if you’re not in a position to jump up and purchase a fancy houseboat docked in Prague.

No1 Living Houseboat
No1 Living Houseboat

The main living space of No1 Living is linked up with its front covered deck. It also boasts large windows. If you plan to utilize the boat in a cooler climate, you can even opt to have the boat equipped with hot-water underfloor heating. How fancy!

No1 Living Houseboat

Moving right along, the boat’s sleek kitchen comes fully equipped. And by that we mean it’s decked out with an induction cooker, a fridge, a small bar and plenty of storage space for kitchen necessities such as dishes, small kitchen appliances and, of course, food:

No1 Living Houseboat

Taking into consideration that No1 Living can be used for either recreational purposes or permanent housing, there’s a bedroom onboard complete with a double bed and plenty of storage space:

Other features of this fancy houseboat include independent heating, water quality equipment that provides fresh drinking water,  and energy running throughout the boat that is said to be comparable to that of your average modern home.

Oh, and if you’re planning to spend time on the boat after the sun sets, you’ll get to take advantage of the modern lighting, which is made up of energy-saving LED lights:

No1 Living Houseboat

Tempted to pare down your life and take to the seas?

[h/t: Apartment Therapy]

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