This Tiny Music-Playing Device Is Your New Workout Partner

Running with your phone on you can be a real pain. But, how else are you going to listen to music and track your steps without it? Keeping it on you is often just the best option. What can I say? The struggle is real.

Until now, that is. That’s right! This tiny little device is here to solve all of your exercising/technology problems. The company Pebble has just introduced the Core, which is a small, lightweight device that can play music, and track distance and the number of steps you’ve taken.

It has enough space to hold 500-1,000 Spotify songs (depending on their lengths), according to Business Insider. The songs can be synced from your phone onto the device.

So, enjoy listening to music and recording your distance while you work out without needing to carry your phone around. Then post-exercise, you can sync the distance and step-counting information to your phone to see how far you went.

This device is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, and is seemingly perfect. The only thing it doesn’t do, according to the publication, is record your steps so you can see them in real time. Waiting until you get home isn’t that much of a hassle, now is it?

How much will this little device cost? Well, it doesn’t roll out until 2017, but it is available on Kickstarter now for only $79.

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[h/t: Business Insider]