9 Tips For (Comfortably) Strutting Through The City In Heels

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I’m the first to admit that walking in heels is easier said than done. Slipping into a pair of heels is like making a commitment. No matter how much pain they bring, you’re in them— for better or for worse.

But, there are things you can do to make strutting around in a pair of heels as easy as Carrie Bradshaw makes it look. It may take a little bit of extra prep time, but you can make sure your shoes are as comfortable as possible (and you need to!) before you ever hit the city streets.

Let’s find out how exactly to work a pair of heels like a pro, shall we?

1. Stretch Them Out

First, you’re going to want to stretch them out. PureWow suggests the best way of doing that is to fill plastic bags with water and insert them into the toes of the shoes. Then, place your shoes in the freezer— yes the freezer— overnight to have the toe primed and ready for your foot.


2. Use Hairspray To Prevent Slipping

If you want to prevent your feet from moving around inside of the shoe, all you have to do is spray a little hairspray along the inside of the heel and quickly insert your feet after.


3. Use Gel Inserts

You can insert gel insoles so that the balls of your feet don’t ache. There’s nothing wrong with a little extra cushion!


Dr. Scholls’ DreamWalk High Heel Insoles, $7.50

4. Tape Your Toes

According to Healthy Recipes Home, if you tape your third and fourth toes together you’ll limit the amount of strain put on your foot. I’ve never tried this method before, but we all know how badly our toes can ache in heels, so it’d definitely worth a shot!

Healthy Recipes Home

5. Prevent Blisters

Band-aids have always been my go-to method of preventing blisters. But, not anymore. Because apparently, applying clear deodorant anywhere your shoe is rubbing will help prevent blisters, according to Mashable. Again— another genius method that I will be doing before ever leaving my house in heels from now on.


6. Rough Up The Bottom

Using scissors or sandpaper to scuff up the bottom of your shoes will prevent any slipping on slick sidewalks or other smooth surfaces.

high heels

7. Take Breaks

So, heels are great and all, but it’s important to take breaks. If you’ve been on your feet all day in a pair of heels just sit and relax for a while. Also, don’t be afraid to wait a couple of days before you break out the stilettos again.


8. Buy Chunky Heels

The chunkier the heels, the easier they are to walk in and the less painful they are, in my experience. Because who says all heels have to be stilettos, anyways?

chunky heels

9. Carry Slip-Ons

Sometimes it’s just too much to take, and walking with your heels in your hands is never a good look. So, if you can, have a pair of back-up shoes. There’s nothing wrong with giving your feet a break. Beauty doesn’t have to be painful!


And after all of that, come home and stick your feet in some ice cold water to reduce the swelling. Go on and pamper yourself with a good foot scrub and some lotion, too.

Because even though wearing heels doesn’t have to hurt, it sure isn’t easy. So, go on and relax. You (and your feet) deserve it!

Photo by gareth1953 Cataract Creating Chaos