12 Tips For Moms When Grocery Shopping With Kids

WhatsUpMoms share some awesome tips and hacks to make your trips to the grocery store a little less stressful and more productive.

  1. Park closest to the shopping cart return, this will make it easier when you’re ready to get out of the parking lot ASAP.
  2. Cover the dirty handle bar with a pool noodle so kids don’t put their mouth on it.
  3. Stick to the perimeter of the store to avoid snacks & sweets.
  4. Most butchers will cut individual portion sizes and wrap them for freezing – simply ask!
  5. When your cart is getting full, tie your purse or re-usable bag to the cart’s handle using a produce bag for instantly more storage space.
  6. Playing with a twisty tie is a great way to keep kids entertained while you’re shopping (caution: don’t give this to toddlers, for they may try to eat it).
  7. Pack a cheerio necklace for your kids to munch on so they don’t have a meltdown when they see their favorite snack in the store.
  8. The fast-checkout lane takes just as long as the regular lane.
  9. Ask your bagger to pack frozen and refrigerated items in the same bags, this makes for easier sorting and putting-away when you get home.
  10. For easier unloading, put your grocery bags in a laundry basket and carry them in all at once.
  11. When loading up the fridge, have a bin dedicated to food that is expiring soon so it is eaten first.
  12. Use binder clips to hang vegetable bags in the freezer – this helps save space & avoid freezer burn.

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