12 tips for a more stunning Christmas tree


You adore the Christmas trees you view in department stores, on magazine pages or while browsing Pinterest. Somehow, though, your own tree tends to turn out a little closer to the one from Charlie Brown’s Christmas than the stunning décor you envisioned.

You really can have a gorgeous Christmas tree in your home with a little know-how and effort. These tips will help you put together a prettier Christmas tree.

1. Choose A Theme

A charming theme makes it easy to choose decorations that form a cohesive whole. Pick anything that appeals to you. Go the classic “Santa” route. Recreate your childhood Candy Land memories. Or do something unexpected, like an homage to Star Wars or some other favorite piece of pop culture.


2. Pick A Color Scheme

Another idea is to settle on a set of colors you find attractive. When you decide on two or three hues, you can be certain all of the adornments go well together. Consider your personal sense of style when deciding on colors to use.

blue christmas tree decorations photo
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3. Light It Right

There’s more to putting lights on a Christmas tree than simply wrapping cords around the trunk. Instead, go up and down each branch adding the twinkling strands to create lovely layers of lights.


4. Bulk Up With Greenery

Use pine garland, green tinsel garland or even cut boughs from live pine trees to fill in the gaps and make your Christmas tree appear lush and beautiful. Try to find something that matches the appearance of the needles.


5. Shop Around

Collect ornaments from different stores and sources to create a Christmas tree that is engaging and inviting to behold. Pick up decorations at craft fairs and while traveling. Add homemade ones, as well.

ornament collection photo
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6. Decorate In Layers

Add depth, texture and interest by embellishing the tree all over. Wind strands of beads or lengths of garland close to the trunk and move outward. Hang ornaments at different heights and depths on the branches. Clip upright decorations such as candles or birds on the tree as well.

Pexels | Tookapic

7. Splurge On Ribbon

Adorn the tree with lengths of wide, wired ribbon. Start at the top and curl the ribbon down and out along the tree. You can also use ribbon in complementary designs and varied widths for more appeal.


8. Hang Ornaments From Ribbon, Too

Tie a bow in a length of ribbon and loop it through an ornament to hang it on the tree with flair. Find a video tutorial showing you how (it’s super easy!) here.

Pexels | Markus Spiske

9. Pick Some Picks

Floral picks are another wonderful way to beautify your Christmas tree. Add sprays of holly berries, picks with pine cones or even long, silky peacock feathers from the floral department or dollar store.


10. Pick An Eye-Catching Topper

Choose a topper that coordinates with your decorating style, such as an antique angel, rustic wooden star or an oversize velvet bow. Make sure it is appropriate for the height of the tree and is not so heavy that it causes the top of the tree to bend.

christmas tree topper photo
Flickr | motherAWESOME

11. Add An Attention-Grabbing Skirt

Select a tree skirt with texture, color and detail so that your tree is fully dressed from top to bottom. Choose a design that complements the rest of the tree. Alternatively, use a plush blanket or a length of luxe fabric.

christmas tree skirt photo
Flickr | happyskrappy

12. Choose Coordinating Gift Wrap

If you really want a stunning Christmas tree, take it a step further. Select two or three wrapping paper designs that match the decorations. When the presents are wrapped and in place, you will have a tree that looks like it came straight from a home decorating magazine.

Pexels | Tofros.com

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