7 Tips To Get Toned Thighs Just In Time For Summer

If you’ll be showing off your legs off in shorts, skirts, or bathing suits, you may want to focus your diet and exercise routine on toning your legs. But not to worry—adding muscle to maintain lean legs doesn’t have to feel like a chore. Making these 7 adjustments will have those thighs looking summer-ready in no time!

1. The More You Climb, The Better

Hills are your friend. If you have the opportunity to walk uphill, take the stairs instead of the elevator or increase the incline on that treadmill — take it. Your legs will thank you for it.


2. Eat Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day for several reasons, but largely because it gives your metabolism a jumpstart. So, be sure not to skip this meal while you’re working on toning up.


3. Get Workouts In Where You Can

Tiny thigh movements can make all the difference. This ball-squeezing technique can be done at your desk while you work, so be sure to give this a try throughout the day.


4. Don’t Forget About Cardio

Don’t get too caught up on just exercising your thighs and lower body. Remember that the best weight loss results come from a balanced diet and exercise. Cardio can be great for those thighs, too.


5. Try A Skin-Tightening Scrub

Some of those “get rid of cellulite” creams are overrated. If you want to diminish the appearance of cellulite, all you really need is a little caffeine—which you probably have lying around your house in the form of coffee grounds. Here’s a recipe from ELLE magazine that you can mix up for yourself to use in the shower! Convenient, right?


6. Drink Plenty Of Water

Drinking water throughout the day is great for you. It’ll keep you fuller, longer, and that’ll help with the diet portion of things.


7. Walk More Throughout The Day

Standing up more often at work or taking a couple of minutes every hour or so to go for a walk will increase your step count and help your legs out! Anytime those legs are moving, you’re closer and closer to perfectly sculpted thighs.


Keep these seven things in mind while trying to tone those thighs. If you do, you’ll have sexy summertime legs to slip into those shorts!

[h/t: Women’s Health]