Tips To Maximize Storage Under Your Bathroom Vanity And Sink

Our bestie, Home Organizing by is at it again – she’s sharing helpful tips to organize under your bathroom vanity and maximize your space. What’s different about items in your bathroom (vs. under the kitchen sink) is your bathroom items are usually a lot smaller. In this video, her tips are:

  • Use varying sizes of stackable bins (you can get them online, at The Container Store, or Walmart) to store toilet paper, beauty products, etc.
  • Buy smaller bins to fit around the annoying J-pipe so you don’t lose space.
  • Under the bins, use putty to help keep them from moving.
  • Organize your bins into things that make sense: every day items, perfumes, hair products, first aid, cleaning products, feminine care, etc.
  • Use an over-the-door bin on one side to store taller items like: hairspray, lotions, and extra beauty products.
  • Use another over-the-door bin to store your hairdryer

While she didn’t mention these tips in this video, I did like her other storage solutions in this other cabinet storage video.

  • Place a tension rod 3/4 of the way from the top of the cabinet to hang cleaning supplies, towels, and more on one side. One the other side, she uses the rod to hand headbands, hair claws, etc.
  • Sticky hooks on the door can be used to hang hand towels and hair dryers.

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