Tiramisu cheesecake combines two desserts in one

When is one dessert better than two? We know this looks like a trick question because when it comes to dessert, more is usually best. However, when there’s a recipe that brings together two of the best desserts on the planet — tiramisu and cheesecake — that is an option we’ll choose every time!

The tiramisu cheesecake from Life, Love and Sugar not only wowed us because it combines two powerhouse dessert options, but it’s also super simple to make because it requires minimal baking. In fact, it’s almost a no-bake recipe.

Life, Love and Sugar

And since no one wants to spend a lot of time cooking in a hot kitchen, especially in the summer, this tiramisu cheesecake recipe was one we had to share.

Many cheesecake recipes require a lot of time and a delicate baking process to ensure a silky texture and minimal cake cracking. But the only baking needed for Life, Love and Sugar’s tiramisu cheesecake is 10 minutes in the oven to firm up the vanilla wafer crust. Baking the crumb-based crust helps it keep its form so it can support all of the luscious, sweet cheesecake filling resting on top.

And, this wouldn’t be a tiramisu cheesecake without the combination of mascarpone cheese, Kahlua, chocolate and ladyfingers. Lindsay at Life, Love and Sugar found the perfect way to incorporate all of these tasty elements into a new dessert.

Ready to start making this decadent dessert?

What You’ll Need To Make Tiramisu Cheesecake

For the crust, you’ll just need vanilla wafers, salted butter and granulated sugar. The filling calls for plenty of dairy: cream cheese, mascarpone and heavy whipping cream. You’ll also need a few other ingredients you probably already have on hand for baking.

For the Kahlua mixture, you’ll need that boozy treat, plus ladyfingers and instant espresso powder. Some of the Kahlua mixture goes into the whipped cream for the top, and though Lindsay lists the cocoa powder as an optional ingredient for the topping, we think you should go for it!

Life, Love and Sugar

After reviewing the full recipe for specific ingredient amounts, you’ll also want to make sure you pay attention to some of the baking equipment requirements, including the all-important springform pan. Using a springform pan will make removing your chilled tiramisu cheesecake so much easier and give it that professional look.

While there are a number of steps to put together both the crust and the filling, the actual active prep time for this tiramisu cheesecake is relatively short. For the crust, it should only take about 20 minutes or so to crush the cookies, mix it with the rest of the ingredients and then bake it. While the crust is baking, you can start making the filling and preparing to dip the ladyfingers in the Kahlua mixture.

After the crust cools, you’ll follow the recipe directions to add the layer of ladyfingers and then the cheesecake filling. Once the cake is put together, you’ll face the most difficult part of the recipe process: waiting for it to chill and set! You’ll want to wait at least 5 or 6 hours, but preferably overnight, to let the cake set up and the flavors really shine through. Finally, you’ll make the Kahlua whipped cream, pipe it on and get ready to serve.

We believe this version of an almost no-bake tiramisu cheesecake will be worth the wait!