This Teenager’s Viral ‘Tired Mom’ Halloween Costume Is Hilariously Accurate

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I’m a bit lazy when it comes to my Halloween costume, so I prefer to use clothing and accessories I already have laying around the house if possible. A teenager from Rio Rancho, New Mexico used her own family for her Halloween inspiration and pulled off an awesome costume using clothing and accessories many people could find in their own homes.

Jillian Schnerch, 13, has eight siblings, so she has definitely seen her mom,¬†Lindsay Hartsock, looking like somewhat of a “mombie.” Jillian dressed up as a “tired mom” for Halloween, and we have to say she totally nailed the look. A photo of the clever costume was posted to the Facebook page for her family’s photography business, and it has since gone viral, racking up more than 70,000 shares.

“Jillian’s ‘tired mom’ costume is literally EVERYTHING!” read the photo’s caption. “She pulled this off perfectly!”

Check it out below and see if you agree.

From the messy bun to the bags under her eyes to the venti Starbucks cup and her “baby” and “toddler,” the teen captured every last detail that is the reality of a lot of exhausted parents’ lives. Don’t miss the Cheerios tangled up in her hair!

“I told her to smile in one [picture] and she said ‘I’m happy, but I’m a tired mom, so I have to keep this look so I don’t break character,” Hartsock told “Good Morning America” of her daughter’s photoshoot. “I think that’s what it comes down to, being a mom is so much work but it has these little rewarding moments during the day that make it all worth it.”

People thought the teen’s costume was totally relatable and took to the comments to give her props for her dedication to it, down to the look of utter despair on her face and the Target bag stuffed with wine and baby supplies.

Too funny! Are they any details you would have added to this magnificent costume?

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