Facebook Post Ignites Fierce Debate About What Is ‘Perfectly Toasted Bread’

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At first glance, toast (as in, a toasted piece of bread) seems like a non-controversial topic. It’s a classic breakfast food, after all, common in cultures worldwide. But one blogger’s social media post has ignited a firestorm about this simple diet staple.

Money Saving Mom posted a photo on Facebook showing 16 numbered pieces of toast. She posed the question “Which number is perfect toast for you?”

At nearly 2,000 comments and counting, people are very eager to weigh in about what makes a good piece of toast. Followers shared why they like their toast they way they do, based on family history, proposed toppings (butter vs jam, for example) and more. The blogger herself says likes hers an 11…but only if there’s a lot of butter involved.

It’s pretty funny how controversial this toast post has become. After all, it’s a truly individual choice as to how you like your bread toasted. I love mine uber-toasted, almost black, like a 2 or a 3.

My husband, however, is one of those “just wave it under the toaster” types, so he’s probably more of a 16 on the spectrum given here. And that’s ok! There’s enough room in the world to accommodate all of the different preferences we have for toast.

However, there may actually be some bad news for those of us who like our toast black. There is some recent research that shows that eating burnt toast can actually increase your risk of cancer. CNN detailed the concerns about acrylamide, a compound that’s produced in starchy foods when they are cooked at high temperatures. The darker the food, the higher level it may have of acrylamide.

The evidence isn’t quite conclusive yet, but Donal Mottram, emeritus professor of food chemistry at the University of Reading in the UK, told CNN, “No one will willingly eat acrylamide … (but) because it’s carcinogenic in animals, it would be carcinogenic in humans.”

Researchers concerned about acrylamide exposure suggest cooking your starches, such as bread or potatoes, to a more golden color rather than dark brown or black.

Yikes! I might have to rethink how long I set my toaster oven for next time. But I won’t stop eating toast altogether, of course. After all, with so many awesome toast possibilities, from avocado toast to mermaid toast, there’s a reason why the simple food is so popular.


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