Toddler Scolds Dad For Leaving The Toilet Seat Up—Again

We love little kids for their honesty and the comedic way they say things, right? Well, this video is no exception. When toddler Bradlee Rae Hayes found that her father, Jeremiah, left the toilet seat up—again—she gave him a little talking to.

“How many times do I have to tell you—when you put the [toilet] seat up . . . to put it down for me?!”

Aww, thank you, Bradlee. We hear you.

“I don’t want to [put it down], I just want you to do it. Listen to me—when you’re done with the potty . . . you need to put [the seat] down for the girls.”

Cutest. Scolding. Ever.


Of course, men leaving the toilet seat up is not a new phenomenon. One woman, Betty Wong, became so frustrated with her boyfriend, Alex Pai, for leaving the seat up during the night that the couple invented Potty Glo, glow-in-the-dark adhesives that you apply to the underside of the seat, like this.

image (8)
Potty Glo

They shine for approximately 12 hours—just from 30 minutes of natural or artificial lighting.

image (10)
Potty Glo

Genius, right?!

They come in kid-friendly designs, too.

image (9)
Potty Glo

And they only cost $10 each. Sounds like a small price to pay for a happy marriage.

Be right back—going to order these for every couple I know. And, little Bradlee, these might be a perfect gift for your dad!