Adorable toddler stands in for Marine brother who couldn’t make girlfriend’s prom

Skylar Fontaine

Gage Moak is a U.S. Marine who’s away from home training for his Military Occupation Specialty, so when it came time for his girlfriend’s prom in New Orleans, he wasn’t able to be there as her date. But that didn’t mean he wasn’t going to be included in the event!

Taking pre-prom photos is an American rite of passage and Moak’s girlfriend, 18-year-old Skylar Fontaine, had the perfect idea to make her photos happen. She dressed Moak’s 2-year-old brother up in Marine dress blues and had him step in for his brother come prom day.

The result? Maybe the most adorable prom photos you’ve ever seen!

Skylar Fontaine

Fontaine told People magazine how the idea for the photo shoot came together:

“I had seen a child Marine costume online somewhere and I thought it was absolutely precious,” she said. “I mentioned to his grandmother that it would be a great idea to take some pictures and send to Gage. It came together so perfectly!”

Two-year-old Clay posed in the mini Marine costume, as well as in a tuxedo, and he couldn’t have been cuter. He didn’t actually attend the prom, but according to his mom, he did really enjoy getting to be a part of the photos.

“We went and got his hair cut and he was all excited,” Brandy Moak told ABC News. “It was cute. It was adorable.”

Fontaine’s photos quickly went viral, racking up more than 200,000 likes on Twitter since she posted them on March 16.

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Creativity is obviously one of Fontaine’s strong suits, something that she’ll be able to put to use at Louisiana State University this fall, where she told us she plans to major in film and media arts. She said she hopes to one day run her own business.

Fontaine looked beautiful in her royal blue gown, and she had all the makings for an amazing prom, thanks to her supportive friends and family, especially little Clay. While her prom experience was fun, she told People magazine it was also emotional for her.

“We all teared up. It was emotional — his parents, my parents, me and my friends,” Fontaine said. “We all got emotional.”

Skylar Fontaine

And Moak had a great reaction to seeing the photos, even though they weren’t a surprise — he knew Fontaine had this in the works.

“He thought it was amazing,” Fontaine told People. “I briefly mentioned to him it would happen, but he didn’t know it would be that cute.”

This wasn’t the first time prom photos have practically broken the internet, either. Last year, Florida teen Brenda Sierra made a matching prom dress for her dog, and people online couldn’t handle the cuteness.

Take a look for yourself:

During 2017’s prom season, there were also the stories of a girl who wore her mom’s old prom dress to her prom and the teens in Mississippi who wore the most ridiculous suits of all time.

Do you have any great prom memories?

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