This toddler’s reaction when her mom comes home is too cute for words

Anyone who has ever parented a toddler knows they can be pretty attached to mom and dad. Whether you’re off to work, out for the night or just want to go to the bathroom in private, little ones aren’t too keen to let their parents out of their sight. When you inevitably return, though, kids can make your heart melt with their enthusiastic welcomes.

One dad captured his daughter’s adorable reaction to his wife’s return home from work on video. Check it out:

My daughter always gets super excited when my wife gets home from work. Today, I finally got it on video. from r/aww

‘Aww, too cute! The little girl can barely contain her excitement a she stomps her feet and claps at the sight of her mom.

“She totally did not do that when I got home,” the dad can be heard saying.

Redditors thought the toddler’s over-the-top reaction was super-cute. One user gave the wise advice to enjoy this phase while it lasts. After all, that squealing baby will one day be a teenager: “My baby does this when I come home too, along with cries of “mama! mama!” and she wraps herself around my shoulders and pats my back while wiggling. Trying to enjoy it while it lasts. I love that part of the day.”

“This is the best feeling ever! I am the breadwinner while my husband stays home with the kids and every day they run out the front door yelling MUMMMMMYYYYYY!! when I get home. They’re 7 and 5 now and I’m still not tired of it,” commented another.

Lest you think moms are the only ones who earn such an ecstatic homecoming from their young children, check out this sweet video of a toddler and a dog going crazy as daddy pulls in the driveway:

So whether you’re the parent of a moody teen or even struggling with a threenager, try to remember the joyous moments like this that make it all worthwhile!

[h/t: PopSugar]