Toe-kick drawers are the hidden storage space that will transform your kitchen

The kitchen can be quite a quagmire when it comes to storage solutions. Between food, pots and pans, dishes and appliances, there’s a lot to keep organized. If you’re struggling to keep everything in its place in your kitchen, you should consider toe-kick drawers.

In the small space between your floor and your lower cabinets, there is usually just a flat surface, which you might call a “mop board.” However, you can use this extra space for toe-kick drawers, which function as extra space for anything from baking sheets to muffin tins and more.

HGTV designer and Built Custom Homes founder Jasmine Roth utilized toe-kick drawers in a home in Huntington Beach, California on an episode of “Hidden Potential.” The hidden drawers fit perfectly under a kitchen island. Check them out in an Instagram post from Built Custom Homes:


“When it comes to kitchen storage, creativity is key,” the caption reads. “Here, we were able to utilize every single square inch of the kitchen space for storage (even the toe-kicks!) Tag someone who you know who needs storage like this in their lives.”

Wow! They sure were able to pack a lot in. These special drawers can be made so that they actually open with a nudge of your toe, hence the name.

They can also be a great place to stash your pet supplies, as evidenced by this Instagram post from @masterbrandcabinets:

You can buy toe-kick drawers and have them professionally installed. You can also buy toe-kick drawers that are designed to be easily installed by you. Check out this option on Amazon, in which the drawer box comes completely assembled.


If you’re up for a full-on DIY project, this detailed video tutorial from @OldTown on YouTube covers the project from design to construction to finish and installation:

We think these are a genius way of using overlooked, under-utilized space. Think toe-kick cabinets might be in your future?

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