Tom and Abby from ‘Queer Eye’ got married again

Earlier this year, Netflix rebooted Bravo TV’s popular series “Queer Eye For The Straight Guy,” calling the new version simply “Queer Eye.” However, the show itself is not the only thing to get a second chance: One of the first makeovers on the show, Tom Jackson, and his ex-wife, Abby Parr, got married again!

As fans saw in the very first episode, Jackson and Parr rekindled their love, thanks to the Fab Five’s help. The pair had a tumultuous history: They were married once before, but ultimately divorced. Apparently, though, their love for each other never died!

“Thomas and I, we have never really been apart-apart,” Parr told Us Weekly. “We have been best friends for 12 years and we have known each other for 12 years. We have always loved each other, that never stopped, whether we were together or not.”

If that’s not true love, then we don’t know what is!

Jackson, who needed the Fab Five’s help to woo his woman back, couldn’t help but gush about the their remarriage and posted about the wedding on Twitter.

For their second time around, they decided to keep things simple and eloped in Gatlinburg, Tennessee on March 27.

Clearly, this was the perfect way to celebrate their love for each other!

Despite the small ceremony, the two still pulled out all the stops:

They also exchanged silver rings:

The cast of “Queer Eye” did not attend the wedding, but according to Us Weekly, Jackson’s mentors were still honored at the ceremony.

He wore a black suit that was tailored for him when he received his wardrobe makeover. Considering it was Jackson’s new bachelor pad and his makeover from the “Queer Eye” men that gave him the confidence to ask Parr on a date in the first place, this was a very fitting way to honor them.

Congratulations to Jackson and Parr on their official re-coupling!