This Is The Actor Who Inspired Disney’s ‘Aladdin’

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Disney’s animated “Aladdin” film is about a princess who falls in love with a local who’s beneath her royal stature. How does this happen? Well, in order the win the affections of Princess Jasmine, Aladdin would have had to be charming and devastatingly handsome. Right?

With that in mind, it may not surprise you to learn that the creators of the film looked to Hollywood to find inspiration for their male lead. Can you guess who Aladdin’s character was inspired by? He was reportedly created with Tom Cruise in mind! When the co-directors sat down to provide commentary for a 2004 DVD release of the film, it was revealed that Aladdin had originally been inspired by Michael J. Fox, who they eventually decided was too young. So they turned their attention to Cruise.

And honestly, you can see the resemblance between the two.

Take a look at Aladdin himself, seen on the cover of this movie trilogy set from Disney:


Then, look at Cruise:

tom cruise photo
Getty Images | George Pimentel

We can definitely see the resemblance!

Fans agree. Once you’ve seen this, you can’t forget it:

Some people online were shocked by the news.

Meanwhile, others could totally see where Disney creators got their inspiration.

Whether you’re surprised by this fact or not, you’re likely wondering why the animators and creators chose Cruise in the first place. “There’s a confidence with all of his attitudes and his poses,” lead animator Glen Keane said, according to The Sun.

Aladdin certainly did possess an undeniable confidence. He was prepared to show Jasmine “a whole new world,” after all. Pretty bold of him—but it made for quite the love story!

Once you start looking into facts about the Disney movie, it’s pretty incredible what you learn. For instance, Robin Williams was the brilliant voice actor behind the Genie in the film, and he reportedly improvised 16 hours of material for the role. Impressive!

This information might change how you watch “Aladdin” from now on, but if you ask us, nothing could ever ruin this film for its fans. Once a Disney classic, always a Disney classic, you know?