TOMS Made Limited-Edition Bunny Shoes Just In Time For Spring

With Easter less than two weeks away, you’re running out of time to find the perfect outfits for your whole family. But there’s no need to worry, because TOMS has your feet covered.

TOMS has introduced the “Hop to It” collection of adorable bunny shoes just in time for Easter. The slip-ons are available for both adults and children, and are decorated with a happy bunny faces and poofy, white tails. And while this small batch just hatched, it likely won’t last long.

All In The Family

Are they really available for everyone in your family. Well, there are super-soft Tiny Toms for babies ($32). These are made of jersey and feature padded soles and straps for easy tightening. They managed to fit a cute smiling bunny face on the toe and a white fluffy tail on the heel.

Toms Shoes

Toddlers and bigger kids have their own array of bunny shoes ($39 and $45 respectively). Their versions come complete with a cottontail on the heel and a carrot printed lining. They both have a rubber outsole for excellent traction. While wearing these, your kids will be able to hop around comfortably without missing a single egg in the hunt. In fact, shoes this comfy will keep them hopping long after the candy is gone.

Toms Shoes

Moms aren’t left out either. There’s a grown-up version of the slip-on available for $59.95. It has the happy bunny face, carrot lining and even the cottontail on the heel, plus a robber outsole for traction.

Unfortunately, Toms didn’t produce a bunny style for Dad.

Toms Shoes

Giving Back

TOMS went one step further with this special collection. The Hop to It shoes are all vegan, made without animal ingredients or byproducts. Toms One for One mission also applies to this collection. In fact, for every pair you purchase, an additional new pair of shoes will go to a child in need. So you’ll look good and feel good.

If a bunny face on your feet isn’t really your style, there are poppy watercolor and heart-adorned slip-ons also available for a limited time.

Toms Shoes

Don’t delay. You’ll be hopping mad if you miss out on any of these adorable slides, exclusively available at