These over-the-top trains will make you reconsider train travel

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What do you think about when you think about train travel? Late trains? Early mornings? Crowded commuter cars? Standing room only?

We know that train travel can be so much more. After all, you can take an Amtrak train across the country. And there are trains around the world that offer wine tastings. But did you know that train travel can get even more luxe?

The train rides below are not cheap, but we can dream, right?

1. Rovos Rail Tours – Africa

The African train line, Rovos Rail, calls itself “The Most Luxurious Train in the World,” and we can see why. Not only is the train, well, luxurious, but you can also tour Africa while you’re on it, from Cape Town all the way to Victoria Falls. During the ride, you’ll have access to upscale dinners, though formal attire is required. And you might even see the animals of Africa in their natural habitats!

Rates vary depending upon the type of suite you’d like. Note: There is a 50 percent single supplement, so we’d suggest finding a friend to go on the train ride with you.

2. The Ghan – Australia

If you’ve always wanted to travel by luxury train through Australia, The Ghan is for you. You can take a three-night, 2,979-kilometer tour from Darwin to Adelaide. Not only are the accommodations top-notch, but so is the food. There is all kinds of unique fare on the menu, including grilled kangaroo fillet. You can also opt for breakfast in bed. (Yes, please.) The views from the train are incredible, too, and you’ll be able to stop and see natural wonders like the Milky Way in Manguri. Rates vary depending upon the season, but you can check out a price list here and start planning your next trip.

3. Train Suite Shiki-Shima – Japan

When you take a trip with Train Suite Shiki-Shima in Japan, prepare for a life-changing experience. It features an ultra-modern ambiance, and one suite is an entire train car! Trips vary depending upon the season, and you can opt for anywhere from a short overnight trip to a three-night run. To take a trip with Train Suite Shiki-Shima, you must apply. Naturally, prices vary depending upon the season and the number of days you’d like to travel, but you can get more information here.

4. VIA Rail – Canada

If you live in the U.S. and want to stay a bit closer to home, perhaps a Canadian luxury train ride is for you. On VIA Rail’s four-day journey, The Canadian, you can go from Toronto to Vancouver. The scenery speaks for itself, as does the interior of the train, with its deluxe sleepers and high-class meals. Plus, you can get a double bed. Count. Us. In! Prices vary depending upon what class of train travel you prefer—for instance, Sleeper Plus or Prestige—but you can see rates here.

Now that we’ve whet your appetites, we hope to see you aboard one of these trains soon!


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