Clear Plastic Jeans Raising Many Questions

There is so much that can be said about the newest clear jeans to hit TopShop. No, you aren’t seeing things. And based on reviews, the $100 pants are leaving many scratching their heads.

Just when we thought that the “clear window mom jeans” that hit stores in March 2016 were a bit much, clearly we hadn’t seen anything yet. Yes, pun intended.

clear jeans

The fashion retailer, TopShop, is infamous for questionable designs. But this pair of see-through clear plastic jeans takes it to a new level. They really raise a lot of head-scratching questions, including the most obvious one: Why?

At least in the product description on TopShop’s website, the company does offer up ideas on what to pair with the polyurethane pants.

“Think outside the box with these out-of-the-ordinary clear plastic jeans — guaranteed to get people talking. In a straight leg cut, they feature classic pockets detailing and are cropped at the ankle bone. Ideal as a statement piece for a festival or costume party, take the look to the extreme with a bikini and sequin jacket or dress down, layered under an oversized jumper or asymmetric hem dress.”

But there are other questions floating around. How do you even put these pants on? I mean, do they stretch at all? And of course, the bigger question: what you’d wear underneath them?

Also, what if it’s hot outside? Do your legs sweat? Or do the pants cause them to sweat even if you’re not subjected to a warmer climate?

Apparently I’m not the only one with these questions. People have taken to Twitter to try to find some answers to their clear jean questions. Some just chose to voice their opinion on the newest see-thru pants.

What do you think about these jeans? Would you (ever in a million years) wear them?