You Can Buy An Adorable Tortilla Swaddling Blanket For Your Baby

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Wrapping anything up in a tortilla makes it all the more delicious — and the same is true for your baby. Just try wrapping your baby up in this tortilla swaddling blanket and see if that “so cute you could just eat ’em up” factor doesn’t get taken to the next level. We dare you!

If your love of burritos is as strong as ours, you’re going to want one of these swaddling blankets that looks like a tortilla so you can wrap your little bundle of joy up to resemble the best food ever invented. Thankfully, retailers such as Uncommon Goods, Amazon and Etsy carry products that will help you create a burrito baby in no time.

The blanket from Uncommon Goods retails for $48 and comes with a matching cap to keep your baby all warm and snuggly:

Uncommon Goods

You can also find super soft, plush versions on Amazon, such as this one that retails for $19.99. It’s 49 inches around and makes a great blanket for covering or swaddling:


Then, there’s also this swaddle sack from Etsy that’s available for $22 and takes away your need to be an expert swaddler. All you have to do is slip your baby into this little cocoon, and they’ll achieve instant burrito status:


Once you have your blanket, you’ll have your baby primed and ready for a burrito-themed photo shoot, which is absolutely adorable.

Proud parents Jessica and Joshua Schuster dressed their son up like a Qdoba burrito, since Qdoba was where the couple met, and the end result was too cute for words. Here’s the tortilla blanket-clad baby in an image shared by photographer Sarah Swihart on Facebook:

And in case you were hoping to match your baby, or you know, just live out your dream of morphing into your favorite food, you’ll be happy to know that there’s an adult version of these blankets, too. Because it turns out you’re never too old to wrap yourself up like a burrito.

Again, Amazon and Etsy are great places to find the adult versions of tortilla blankets.

For instance, this fleece burrito blanket is perfect for cuddling up on the couch and is available on Amazon for just $13.47:


Whether you swaddle yourself and your baby up in a tortilla blanket or start with just wrapping your baby up to look like a burrito, there’s no wrong way to pull off this look.