Toss these reusable balls into your washing machine to remove pet hair and lint from clothing

Using lint roller to remove pet hair from clothes

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We adore our four-legged friends. We welcome them into our families with open arms and care for them, feed them, walk them, cuddle them and spoil them. But just because we love them to the moon and back doesn’t mean we want to wear their fur all day. I mean, let’s face it, pet hair is a real downside to being a pet owner.

Those little strands can really ruin your look. Even the cutest outfit in the world can make someone look like a disheveled mess when it’s covered in hair.

Luckily, there are some incredible tools on the market right now that offer excellent solutions to this very hairy problem.

K-EYKONG Pet Hair Remover 


Toss these durable, compact balls in your next dryer load to remove lint and dog hair. The microfiber material lifts and traps hair while fluffing your clothes. They even help to reduce wrinkles and shorten drying time.

A package contains 12 balls, which might seem like a lot, but it’s best to use several of them at once: 7-9 for loads containing jackets and pants or 4-6 for softer items like T-shirts.

Using them in the wash can also be beneficial. They help to reduce rust and lime that accumulates in the machine’s pipes and minimize dust and odors. We don’t recommend using these when washing wool items. (But wool and washing machines don’t mix well, anyway.)

One reviewer noted it works well for human hair, too, both in the washer and dryer, saying the only inconvenience is you have to pull the hairs off of the velcro when finished. Another person commented how huge of a difference the balls have made when added to a couple other things she’s been using. At only $12.95, we feel it’s a great deal.

Hestya Household Reusable Washing Machine Floating Lint Mesh Bag


Absorb excess hair with these cute, reusable floating filters. Each net pouch is constructed of nylon, plastic and foam that traps debris during the wash cycle so fur won’t block the drain or stick to clothes. These work best in top-loading machines or mini washing machines. The positive reviews really speak for themselves; they’re a big hit! Find them online for $10.99

FurZapper Double Pack Pet Hair Remover


These medical-grade silicone discs remove pet hair while you wash and dry, just move them from one load to the next when transferring clothes. We like that they’re hypoallergenic and self-cleaning. Customers say they “work like a charm” and that “dark clothes are coming out of the dryer practically fur-free.” Hooray!

Pro Tip: Don’t use these discs with fabric softener because it’ll prevent the fur from sticking. They’re sold on Amazon for $14.88.

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