Totino’s 40-Count Bags Of Pizza Rolls Contain Just 39 Rolls—And Customers Are NOT Happy

Naturally, when a bag of food specifies the number of items included inside, you believe it as a fact. That trust was broken with Totino’s pizza roll customers, when they learned that that 40-count bags of their beloved snack actually contained only 39 rolls. Oh, the betrayal!

So, how was this atrocity brought to light? Apparently, Los Angeles Times film writer Daniel Miller started noticing social media posts from unhappy Totino’s customers who had discovered their bags were short by one pizza roll.


If you can’t trust your favorite late-night snack, who can you trust in this world?


This scandal started long before Miller found the tweets online last summer. People have been voicing their betrayal at Totino’s for years. One person even admits to never feeling this betrayed in his life after 23 years of eating shorted bags of pizza rolls. It seems losing one of those bad boys is no joke.

And, some unlucky customers got bags missing several rolls. Now, that’s just cruel. How could they do this? It’s just business, but it feels personal.

People are even demanding refunds!

Totino’s tends to respond to each complaint they receive, and explains why some bags have fewer than 40 pizza rolls. According to the company, the rolls are measured by weight and the bag states there are approximately 40 pizza rolls inside. The fine print—it will get you every time!

It’s a hard world out there for Totino’s pizza roll lovers. Now that this “scandal” has been exposed, maybe we all just have to adjust our expectations. Whether your bag contains 40 rolls or (gasp!) 39, that’s still a lot of cheesy goodness to enjoy.

[h/t: Thrilist]