Totino’s has new pizza rolls containing mac and cheese AND bacon

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Do you love Totino’s Pizza Rolls? Of course you do. They are bite-sized pizzas that don’t require you to wait for the delivery man. They are tiny, bite-sized morsels of piping-hot goodness perfect for late nights on the couch binge watching Netflix. They are everything you need in life, in addition to water, air, shelter and an oven for heating up Totino’s.

And serving sizes? Forget serving sizes. The perfect serving size of Totino’s Pizza Rolls is two bags.


Well hold on, because Totino’s somehow found a way to make something that sounds even better. These are Totino’s Macaroni and Cheese with Bacon Pizza Rolls and they are your new favorite thing:

Not since the first “Avengers” movie have so many things America loves come together. You have the magic of pizza rolls combined with the comfort-food goodness of macaroni and cheese and of course bacon, which just makes everything better. It’s like Totino’s gave a science lab to a bunch of really hungry middle-schoolers and told them to not come out until they had developed a magnificent mutant munchie.

Of course, I’m heaping praise on the idea, but I haven’t actually gotten to try any of these. Yet.

According to Thrillist, they started shipping out in mid-July and won’t be in stores until October. At which point, you should probably get to the store before you are run over by a stampeding herd of college kids.


Totino’s is not the only company to realize that mac and cheese is life. This summer has already seen Burger King’s Mac N’ Cheetos, and Pizza Hut is also supposedly testing out a new macaroni and cheese pizza in the UK.

Of course, if you love mac and cheese, there are a ton of recipes on the internet. Seriously. They are like cat videos. They are everywhere.

And of course, there are still good old-fashioned Totino’s pizza rolls. So I’m sure we can all hold out until October. You know the patience you have to muster every time you take the pizza rolls out of the oven so you don’t instantly bite into them and burn all of your taste buds off? Yeah, just harness some of that. Just tell mom to get the oven ready.


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