This Pennsylvania town got buried in 53 inches of snow in just 30 hours

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If anyone in Erie, Pennsylvania was wishing for a white Christmas this year, they got their wish—and then some.

An incredible 53 inches of snow fell on the western Pennsylvania town in just 30 hours this year.

The blizzard began late on Christmas Eve and continued for the next few days, dumping over four feet in a short time. According to the New York Times, the count is now up to 63 inches—with more on the way!

Up to 70 inches is expected in total in this storm, dubbed “Snowmageddon.” The snow is expected to stop sometime tonight.


The town of Erie is located on Lake Erie (close to both Ohio and New York), so snow is pretty common there.


But this level of snow is still unprecedented, especially in such a short period of time.

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It’s the direct result of what’s called a “lake effect” snowstorm, which is when very cold air meets with the relatively warm air over the Great Lakes, producing massive amounts of snow.


Despite the crippling amount of snow, Erie is dealing well and working on digging out.

Chuck Zysk, Erie’s assistant director of public works, told that he had never seen this much snow in such a short period of time.


“I think our guys are doing a tremendous job,” he said. “But we have work ahead of us.”

Erie’s mayor, Joe Sinnott (a lifelong resident of the city) told the New York Times, “We’re used to snow, don’t get me wrong. But this amount, trying to deal with this, is very atypical.”


The city has been essentially shut down, although municipal employees have been working around the clock to clear roads. However, since it’s still snowing, workers are having to go back and re-plow multiple times. Residents have been advised to stay in their homes and avoid driving on the dangerous roads.

Some Erie residents, though, are showing off on social media how fun being snowed in can be. Instagrammer agree89, for example, is engaged in some snow kayaking:

User fischers6 and family spent time digging out their Christmas lights (can you see them, just under the snow?):

Others showed off astonishing photos of their shoveled walkways. OMG, so much snow:

On Twitter, another family shows off their snow jumps and flips:

Stay safe out there, Erieites! And enjoy the extra cuddles that come from being stuck inside. Here’s hoping cabin fever hasn’t set in yet.

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