‘Toy Story 4’ Is Officially Happening, And Disney Announces Another Exciting Pixar Sequel As Well

Great news for fans of Buzz, Woody and the rest of the Toy Story gang.

Disney has released a launch date of June 21st, 2019, for the next installment of the groundbreaking series.

(These highly complex and technologically advanced movies take up a lot of computing power, so we’ll cut ’em some slack on how long we still have to wait.)

The film will be coming a year later than expected, though. “Toy Story 4” was originally scheduled for June of 2018. However, another big Disney/Pixar property, The Incredibles, will fill that date. “The Incredibles 2” will be in theaters June 15, 2018. “Toy Story 4” is now taking the original “Incredibles 2” slot in 2019.

A straight swap!


According to the San Jose Mercury News, the reason for the swap is that production for The Incredibles sequel is rolling at an accelerated pace. Brad Bird, who directed the 2004 smash, is back at the helm for this one.

As for Toy Story, Tom Hanks and Tim Allen will both be return to voice their iconic Woody and Buzz Lightyear roles. Lasseter, the man behind the first two Toy Story films, returns to direct this one.


SPOILER ALERT! According to Entertainment Weekly, TS4 will involve a romantic plot line between Woody and… wait for it… Bo Peep!


And in even more Disney/Pixar news: “Cars 3” is set to release in 2017!

Here’s more about the upcoming Disney sequels:

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