Toyota Recalls 2.8 Million RAV4 Cars For Seatbelt Issues

If you’re an owner of a 2006-2012 Toyota RAV4, you may want to take your vehicle into a service station. On February 17th, Toyota announced that the company would be recalling 2.8 million RAV4 Sport Utility Vehicles due to seatbelt related issues.

According to the company, in the event of a severe frontal crash, the rear seatbelts could come in contact with the metal seat cushion frame, tear, and separate. This would leave the driver improperly restrained, and at a higher risk for injury during the crash.

According to The New York Times, Toyota’s announcement follows on the heels of two separate car crashes, one resulting in a fatality in Canada. While the company has yet to comment on these incidents, it very clear that drivers of a RAV4 should be concerned.

So, if you happen to own a 2006-2012 Toyota RAV4, Toyota suggests taking the vehicle to a dealership. In the company’s statement, Toyota dealers will gladly add a resin cover to the metal seat cushion frame at no charge to the customer.

Toyota says that this issue is contained to only the RAV4 model. “The condition does not occur in other vehicles, because the shape of the metal seat-cushion frame is different,” Toyota stated.

If you’re wondering if your car has been recalled, Toyota will be sending first-class mail to any car owner who has been affected. However, it doesn’t hurt to have your car inspected either way.

Photo by peterolthof